Calculate Your Water Footprint

If you have ever wondered how much water you use in a year and how it compares to the consumption of others, there are some great resources for finding out!

The Water Footprint Calculator from National Geographic offers a water calculator along with tips and tricks for reduction and an option for you to pledge to reduce water use. This calculator is for U.S. residents. http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/freshwater/water-footprint-calculator/


The water footprint calculator from Zero Footprint takes only one minute to complete and can be changed based upon whether you reside in Canada or the U.S. http://goblue.zerofootprint.net/

Another calculator from Waterfootprint.org provides both a quick and extended version to gain insight into your water consumption. This calculator also takes into account diet and coffee/tea intake. http://www.waterfootprint.org/?page=cal/WaterFootprintCalculator


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Save water while washing dishes

Although doing the dishes involves using quite a bit of water, there are ways to save water and money while doing them. First and foremost, rinse and scrape off dishes right after they are used, thereby reducing soaking time later on. Fill your sink (if it is a double) with one soapy basin and one clean water basin. This reduces the time that the water is running. Scrub the dishes in the soapy basin and rinse them by dipping them in the clean water basin. If you only have a single sink, wait until you have a group of dishes to rinse all at once. Wash the least dirty dishes first, giving the dirtier ones more time to soak. Lastly, do not use too much dish soap because it takes longer to rinse it off and uses more water than necessary in the process. Read these and more tips at

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Creating an Eco-friendly Bathroom


The Eco lifestyle blog Inhabitat has provided a great list of ways to make your bathroom more Eco-friendly. First and foremost, installing a low flow toilet can help cut down on household water usage. Along with a low flow toilet, a low flow shower head and motion sensor faucets aid in saving water. Other tips outlined in the article include switching to LED light bulbs, installing an energy efficient vent fan and buying environmentally friendly bathing and cleaning products. Read the full article at:  http://inhabitat.com/7-eco-friendly-tips-to-green-your-bathroom/

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