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Get Closer to Nature with Clotheslines

Want to make your backyard a little more beautiful this spring? Why not start with a clothesline or a water fountain. If you don’t already use a clothesline, this spring is a great time to start!

Many people like to see humming birds in addition to other amazing birds in their yard during the spring and summer. in addition to food sources, convenient perching opportunities will make your yard more hospitable to them. Hummingbirds in particular spend roughly 80% of their time sitting on stems and clotheslines.


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Solar water fountains are another great Eco addition to your backyard that will welcome in nature. A water fountain is a stunning addition to any garden and will draw in both butterflies and birds alike.



So plant a garden (and stay tuned to the blog later in the spring for garden entries), hang your clothes to dry on a clothesline or rack, and invite natures beauty into your backyard while resting assured you are doing your part to keep it that way!

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Recycle Your Christmas Tree

The Home Depot Garden Club website provides great ideas for recycling your Christmas Tree! Some of the ideas include buying a potted tree so you can plant it after in the yard , using the branches for wreaths or garlands, or chopping it up to use it for firewood. When in doubt you can donate your Christmas tree for mulch or firewood. Contact your local municipality for more information about your local Christmas tree donation options.


For more ideas about recycling your tree from Home Depot Canada visit

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Bring a piece of your garden inside

This winter, bring a piece of your garden inside with a terrarium. A terrarium is a container that houses a small garden or plant. To start your terrarium you will need to pick your container and plants.¬†Once you’ve planted your terrarium and watered it, you seal it. The moisture in the soil condenses, turns back into moisture and run down the sides of the terrarium. This moisture in turn waters the plants. If you do not want to have your terrarium sealed, it will need to be watered, because the moisture will escape through the top. Even if you do not live in an area that experiences colder climates, terrariums are a wonderful and creative way to bring a little bit of nature into your living space.


View the other creative and interesting terrarium options at

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